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Intelligent Traffic Systems


Traffic congestion is a big problem for almost every state’s Department of Transportation, and we have all experienced it. Typically, the DOT has three options: they can just “live with it,” and watch the traffic get worse year after year; or they can add capacity by building more lanes, but that means new overpasses, bridges, and tunnels, along with billions of dollars in cost, and years of construction delays and headaches; or they can optimize traffic flow on their existing highways by using technology, and extend the useful life of their transportation system.

At IENET, we design Ethernet networks for DOTs across the country for this purpose, and we utilize the latest technologies from our Vendor Partners to improve traffic flow and enhance public safety. For example, we recently designed a network for a high-traffic interstate highway that includes high speed, high resolution cameras from Bosch, one of our Vendor Partners, powered by solar panels. The data from the cameras is seen “live” on a video wall in a DOT control center, where the operator can watch traffic congestion happening in real time, see what is causing it…and do something about it.

For example, if a police officer is writing a traffic ticket, the operator can call and ask the officer to turn off the blue flashing lights on the police car. Or the operator can dispatch a tow truck to the scene if there is an accident; and if there are injuries, send an ambulance. At the same time, the operator can activate LED signs warning motorists of congestion ahead, with a recommended alternative route, and can slow the timer for the on-ramp to reduce the number of additional vehicles on the road.

The key is the immediacy, and the usefulness, of the information available to the operator. IENET’s networks apply technology to help DOTs to alleviate traffic congestion, with solutions that are highly reliable, economical, and easy to use.

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