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Critical Infrastructure


Our advanced society has many such physical assets, many left largely unprotected due to logistics and economics


Critical infrastructure includes physical installations that are vital to our public safety, the economy, and national security. Think of a high-traffic bridge or tunnel, a data center, a capital-intensive manufacturing plant, or a sports complex: places where security of the facility, and the people and assets in it, could be at risk.

Our advanced society has many such physical assets, some left largely unprotected due to logistics and economics; and some have been secured with chain-link fences, armed guards and watch dogs. But now, technology can provide security that is not only far more economical to install and operate, but better and more reliable.

IENET, working with our Channel Partners and our Vendor Partners, designs Ethernet networks for this vertical that include high speed, high-resolution Bosch cameras with built-in data analytics to identify possible intruders, and Bosch Video Management Systems to focus the cameras on the “threat.” We also employ very small Doppler radars for early threat detection.

The information from the cameras and radars are sent back to a central location at 10 Gbps. There, the operator, who can manage multiple facilities, can determine if the “threat” is real, and the appropriate response. He/she can illuminate the facility; can activate an audio system to advise the intruder that he is in a secure area and has been detected; can lock down the facility; and can dispatch human assets to the scene.

IENET’s networks are extremely reliable, they work in all kinds of weather, at any time of day or night, and are economical to install and operate.

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