Our Technology Advantage

Our Goal is to Provide You With The Best Service

If you have toured the sites of a few property managers you may have noted how they tout the technology they use to help deliver their services.

Well, I have a couple of secrets…

First — we all pretty much use the same technology. There are a few highly popular property management platforms. All are pretty good. They all pretty much provide the same capabilities. One property manager does not have a technology secret sauce over another.

Second — it’s the people using the technology that is the secret sauce. It’s the people working with the tenants, owners, vendors that make the difference.

Don’t get me wrong — the property management platforms do enable a property manager to provide a level of service that simply was not possible in years past. Integrating texting, email, online applications, leases, owner portals, tenant portals… All of the features have great potential.

But don’t be fooled by the hype… it’s about the people; not the technology.