Tax Reform Information

2017 Tax Reform Information (Posted 3/6/2018)

Engagement Letters

2017 Engagement Letter – C Corporation (Posted 2/1/2018)

2017 Engagement Letter – Individual (Posted 2/1/2018)

2017 Engagement Letter – LLC (Posted 2/1/2018)

2017 Engagement Letter – Partnership (Posted 2/1/2018)

2017 Engagement Letter – S Corporation (Posted 2/1/2018)

Tax Organizer

2017 Tax Organizer (Posted 2/1/2018)

Miscellaneous Tax Items

2017 Mileage Rate (Posted 2/1/2018)

2018 Mileage Rate (Posted 2/1/2018)

Peer Review Reports

Peer Review Report 2017 (Posted 2/1/2018)


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