Our People

The staff of Wilcox Arredondo & Co. is the backbone of the service we provide. Our ongoing commitment to continuing professional education and our extensive business relationships prove our commitment to excellence.


Sabino Arredondo, CPA
Julie Stoltzfus, CPA
Jeremy Gingerich, CPA

Certified Public Accountants

Maria Myers, CPA
Kayla Burke, CPA
Scott Wilkinson, CPA
William Young, CPA
Brandan Mantei, CPA

Professional Staff

Bertha Aragon
Jason Hewitt
Rebecca Finck
Brean Epp

Administrative Staff

Betty Koenig
Stacey Howell


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190 N Douglas Street
Canby, OR 97013

E: cpa@cpawa.com
P: (503) 266-7545


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